some good food, a romantic comedy movie and a dozen of red roses

Loui's Restaurant and Cafe is perfectly situated in downtonw Dubai at the foot of the majestic Burj Khalifa. Be seated at their fountain terrace and you have the best view of the Burj Plaza, the Fountain and the Burj Khalifa itself. The enormous golden hands at the center of the restaurant are engaging and unique but it gives me a strange feeling that someone is holding the ceiling so it won't collapse. Please pardon me for having that impression or maybe it is really what the designer wants to convey. Did you notice the ceiling, Arabic and english letters are written on it.

The place is vibrant and bustling with 90% percent of its diners are Arabs in the company of their friends and family chatting, enjoying and relaxing over good food, tall glasses, Arabic music, aromatic sisha, and board games.

The restaurant caters to Lebanese, Mediteranean and Japanese taste. Some of my favorite Japanese foods are maki and tempura. The salmon maki is very fresh, soft and made to perfection tempting us to order another plate. Ferald is not into Japanese food but agree to have more. The tempura was perfectly battered and was warm and crisp when it was served on our table, if only our eldest was with us, she would have ask for second serving. Knowing it was her favorite, we ask for one to go. Ferald and I are both into steak so after finishing our Japanese feast, we ordered each 200g of perfectly grilled rib eye and sirloin steak served with mushroom and pepper sauce separately, on the side is the undying French fries and steamed assorted veggies. I would say that it is not the place I had the best steak but it did not rank last on my list. To finish our sumptuous meal, we had a slice of American cheesecake, the tangy taste of lemon flavored cream on top give it a bit of a twist.

Tempura priced at AED 54 and Salmon maki priced at AED 24

Rib eye steak priced at AED 78 and Sorloin steak priced at AED 73
I did not forget to mention that we are celebrating a special occasion when I booked the table so when we arrived, the restaurant manager mentioned that he reserved one of the best table for us and for that I would like to thank the kind Mr. The service was excellent, and I am glad that a fellow Pinay was assigned on our table. She was polite and quick with our every request. Salamat kabayan for making us feel taken care of. Blessing comes in small ways and we should always try to recognize it. Small or big, a simple gesture of gratitude is music to the heart.

After a wonderful dinner, we are in the mood to watch a movie so we head to Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall. It was almost twelve midnight but the cinema is still packed with people queing for their tickets. The rise of the planet of the apes was our first choice but it was almost sold out and there were no good seats anymore. We ended up seeing Friends with Benefits starring Justin Timberlake (Dylan) and Mila Kunis (Jamie). We are not so positive about this movie mainly because when we were ask to chose our seats, it shows only few tickets were sold. But guess what, we left the cinema smiling and giggling like teenagers. It was a great romantic comedy movie and cinema screen # 22 was almost full. It was rated R18 and even though it was already rated as such, there are still cuts made from the film which I am guessing is the two sex scenes Dylan and Jamie had. To sum it all up, we had a great night out together as we celebrate our eight wedding anniversary.

At the office, September 25, a guy came with a bunch of  big red roses for me (may pahabol pa pala)

Thanks dad. My only wish is for us to grow old together still madly inlove with each other. So cheezy you may say but it is our day and I guess there is nothing wrong feeling this way. pagbigyan nyo na ako :)

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  1. Congratulations Carla and Ferald, to you who spend each day in love do bountiful blessings pour.


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