things i love about you...

you may frown purposely but your eyes still smiles :) your eyes are your best asset

when you texted me love messages i knew you copied that from the little book of quotes you own

how you pulled me close and locked me in your arms while saying the three famous words

when you send me flowers at work, it makes me feel so special

how perfectly your hand fits in mine

when we talk long hours on the phone with just about anything until it heats up

when you smile

how passionately you kisses me like there's no tomorrow

when you eat the food i love that you don’t actually eats

how happy you are while playing with our kids, it makes me realized all the time how lucky we are - we have you

the scent of your perfume mixed with sweat after you play ball, it is very sexy

how you pretend you didn’t know what’s happening around you but guess you’re fully aware of

your love for adventure

when we go food tripping

how you can easily change your accent to your native one and back to the normal

how you throw your dart pins with the little finger arched

when you forget about motion sickness and took all the fun rides with me

when we cannot stop laughing over a joke

when you stare at me

every time you walk me to the car and open its door for me, i really think guys who do that are gentlemen

i can keep writing on and on and on...

actually, all i really wanted to say is

 i love you

My Yellow Bells

Carla is a lifestyle blogger based in Dubai who's thankful to call this ever-evolving city her second home. The pages of this blog are filled with stories about her expat life in the sandpit. It features dining and travel adventures in and around the city and beyond. It also features food recipes, parenting tips, and fashion style.

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