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shoes and clothes makes others happy, photos does it for me

these photos were taken at a small garden in my work place. greenery in dubai is a luxury and it cost so much money to keep the plants thriving in this part of the planet. they need a life support that is water pipes/tubes to water them from time to time without the help of a gardener. the clothes i wore here is nothing special, just wanted to capture the look to keep it in my wardrobe capsule


  1. wow, you're lucky to have a small garden where you work. such a nice pictorial!
    pareho tayo! i'm not that much into clothes and shoes. beautiful photos of me and my family are what i treasure most. but that doesn't mean i don't like getting new clothes and shoes ha =)

  2. hi pam, i love shoes and clothes too, who doesn't but photos are captured memories that gives me different kind of high


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