my blog suffered from a long halt. it went for a three week hybernation just like its owner who is in a vacay mood already after holloween. i am (we are) very excited because we are "coming home for christmas"

normally our christmas tree would be standing in some corner of our dwelling by now like the rest of the years but since we are celebrating the yuletide season in the philippines with our loved ones, we skip the christmas tree decorating tradition we used to have here in dubai. we are saving those precious moments done with the family back home and my mom for one is actually waiting for us to decorate the house.

what's keeping us busy right now is shopping for presents and more presents. it is more costly to come home in december than any other time of the year and i think almost all ofws can attest to that but we cannot have it compromised with all the joys and love one can receive and one can give to the family and relatives during this season.

mica is counting down the days, she can't wait to see all her cousins, aunties and uncles and of course her grannies. I missed mom so much and it is a must that i see her, she just recovered from  illness and i am teribbly longing to be with her make sure she's alright, ferald on the other hand didn't set foot since five years and the dude needs a break. this vacation is also very special because we will be taking prince home for the first time and introduce the little guy to the family.

our excitement grows day after day and me and ferald is looking forward to all the things we want to do togethter back home. I can imagine the all authentic pinoy food we can eat again, the places to visit and bring the kids, to experience old pinoy culture and tradition during the holiday season. much has changed in the last five years that we have not seen our provinces but it's home and we will never grew unfamiliar with it.

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  1. lucky you! iba talaga ang pasko sa pinas. enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!

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