the joys of baking

These are my freshly baked homemade cinnamon rolls, baked it with my darling mica last night.

While preparing our baking needs, mica asks me of a particular question as to how to delete friends from facebook. I wondered why? I jumped into conclusion that she must have had a bad day at school and I am guessing that it is about her girlfriends.

I hugged her tightly and make face to make her smile and then I asked her if she is sure she wants to delete some friends and what if after some time they kiss and make up? She thought about it for a while and changes the subject of our conversation."Every mother is a great chef", she said to me and even I heard it the day before, it is like a beautiful song ringing in my ear and then another hug before we proceed with baking.

"Baking makes me feel super happy", she said again, in hearing this, I thought that it is not the baking that made her feel happy but the companionship, an undivided time, a bonding moment of a mom and daughter. It is a special moment that I would want her to remember about us when she grows up.

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  1. At first sight akala ko saan kayang bakeshop ang nirerecommend ni Carla,tapos napa-wow talaga ako kasi professionally made :-)

  2. anggaling 2 tayo from UAE na pinarangalan :) so 2 ba tayong manlilibre sa mga UAE co-bloggers natin? hehe :)

    congrats carla!!

  3. thanks McRich, Congrats sa iyo No1Malamang nyan pagbalik ko pa kasi uuwi ako sa Thursday sa Pinas for the holidays.

  4. @Gremlines: madali lng gawin sarap pa im sure magugustuhan yan ng kiddo mo

  5. the cinnamon rolls look delicious!
    glad you have tasteful bonding time with your daughter, carla!

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