Monday, January 30, 2012

A Lower rent, a new AC machine and a new supermarket? :)

Do you feel happy when you hear good news? Who wouldn't eh?

The good news is our landlord decided to give us a lower rent for 2012, isn't that good news for the new year? About more than a year ago back in Dubai, I used to write letters to my landlord asking for rent reduction telling him all the reasons why he should reduce my rent. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have read about our move to Sharjah last year. No need for that letter this time, when we went last Saturday to our landlords office to renew our apartment lease agreement, we were told that they are deducting a favorable amount from our rent this year, it is confirmed then cause we heard it from other tenants as well and its true, we will be paying LESS this time.

Another good news is the maintenance company of our building are changing all the air conditioning machines in all the flats, I remember our ordeal with this ac problem, what a sigh of relief.

The third good news is a supermarket opened one of its branches in the building where I work. You can't imagine how happy I was to purchase something there for the first time. Call me nuts, why be happy when a supermarket opened in your building? That's because  we wouldn't have to walk to the next building more than 500 meters away from our building when it is damn humid and hot or freezing cold outside. When we feel lazy packing our lunches the night before, we can always get a sandwich, fruit, salad, milk, yogurt etc from there. And when I feel like cooking something for dinner, I will save time on shopping for the ingredients because I can do that while waiting from my car lift.

I have so many reason to feel happy about today and the things I mentioned above really makes me feel super happy. These things are the simple thing I am thankful for today.

Happy reading!

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  1. Another good news is the maintenance company of our building are changing all the AC Repair in Dubai in all the flats, I remember our ordeal with this ac problem, what a sigh of relief.


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