Pinas Vacation 2011: Butterfly Haven-Pulilan, Bulacan

One of the trips during our vacation in the Philippines I got most excited about was our trip to Butterfly Haven in Pulilan, Bulacan. I guess most of you, just like me, are fond of butterflies, their metamorphosis from an ugly caterpillar to a beautiful colored creature into something really very interesting even though we've known it since grade school. My seven-year-old daughter who was raised in the UAE is fond of this beautiful insect but rarely sees it. Even I miss the times when I used to chase butterflies white and yellow near the stream in our hometown in Bulacan.

Butterfly haven is actually a private resort, a museum, and a butterfly sanctuary combined.

It was before Christmas that we went to see it, we had the place only to ourselves to explore together with a couple and their daughter. The entrance fee is 50 PHP, and a higher fee is being charged if you would like to have a pictorial or you have a professional camera with you so it turned out Ferald entrance is 200 PHP.

We are not able to see the museum since it is closed for lunch which we actually did not mind as we are there to see the butterflies but on second thought it would have been a plus if it was open.

We were greeted by these elves by the entrance and some beautiful greenery and landscaping

The caretaker showed and explains to us and to the kids how a butterfly transforms from larvae to a winged creature. The kids were listening as they go along to see the eggs, the caterpillar, the pupa or cocoon, and the butterflies in the cages one by one.


Afterward, we were taken to a garden where some butterflies fly freely. We needed to catch one for a photo opp since they would not simply perch. Surprises really come in different ways because one of them stays put on an orchid while Ferald was trying to get a good shot of it and it was really beautiful.

The place was more than just a butterfly haven, it is also a haven for people who are tired of living in the fast lane and trying to slow down a bit to see and taste a different slice of life in the province, it was a very short visit but we could not get enough of the peace it brings to one's soul. I felt I was home, really home.

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  1. anganda ng mga pics at parang nangati ako sa mga higad, glad that you and your family enjoyed!

  2. ganda ng mga butterflies. noon hindi ko na-aapreciate ang butterflies when i come to see a place na puro butterflies sa isang mall doon ko na-aapreciate kasi nakakaiba ng mood it turns into a positive mood. ganda ng kuha ng mga pics mo, the color yellow reminds me of my mom. =)

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