Pinas Vacation 2011: A High School Reunion

My husband's high school classmates arranged a small get together when we were in the Philippines. There were only 7 of them and we are total 8 people including me. We drove for like an hour or two all the way to Manila from Laguna and our time was spent on laughing and his friends well including him reminiscing their high school days and catching up on things. It was obvious that they had a good time during those times. It was hard for me to relate but I am happy just to see how my husband enjoyed his teenage years with them. It was good old memories they carry in their hearts and it makes them smile just by thinking about it not to mention the humor that the Batangenos have-they are I think fun loving people. I couldn't help to think about my own high school experiences especially when they were talking about the junior and senior ball. I myself attended it four times from freshman to senior ball. How'd that happened? That's another story.

Anyway, so we reached Manila and we were all starving, with the way our tummy growls, we can eat anything served on the table (wag lang lason :)) How do you feed 8 starving people? With a Monster Meal

Suzette and I could not get enough of the chef’s salad, it is really good, and actually all is good and yummy. The meal was big enough for 8 people and we even have to take out the left over.

Three people are also celebrating their birthdays in January so it was more like birthday celebration high school reunion in one. We are thankful for another year given to you guys by our Almighty God. I really wish that you three will all be blessed. Ferald will turn 3* this January and I can only wish for good health, more success in career (promotion :) hehehe) and family life. May God always guide you and help you in all that you do. You know that we me and your kids will always be here for your no matter what.

I thank you guys for inviting me, I really had a good time and it was nice meeting all of you. I am looking forward to that another get together like this. (excited :)? konti lang po, masaya kasi

That's just the end of the meal, the night was not over yet for we headed to one of the most happening place in the city...Punchline up next.

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