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Pinas Vacation 2011: Punchline Comedy Bar

Me and Ferald has been meaning to go to a comedy bar, an opportunity came in when his high school friends ask us to join them. We expected it and I tell you from the moment I sit and the time I stood up to leave, I was laughing. We were elated, I barely could feel the muscles in my face, it felt numb from too much laughing. The topic being discussed by the comedians were something very sensitive but are able to speak the truth and make fun of it. (Ano pa bang tinutukoy ko kundi *ex) I just wonder if they talk about the same thing every other night. Hmmm!

Everybody can be funny I guess but not everyone has the talent like these people with extreme sense of humor up to the point that it became their bread & butter. Read: I am proud of them, they are very talented. Every word that comes out from their mouth is like feather that tickles the crowd. Of course they do practice the act but the spontaneity when they go live and do some ad-libs is clearly one of their best assets. They are a crowd-pleaser. If you are feeling sad, lonely, bored and less appreciated, this is the place to go for you will be appreciated pag inokray ka na nila ;) hehehe!