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Pinas Vacation 2011: Tagaytay Horseback Riding

My daughter is a fan of Saddle Club-it is a TV series about three heroines - Stevie, Carole and Lisa who form the Saddle Club at Pine Hallow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality but all share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

Influenced by this, she wanted to go horseback riding in the Philippines-an idea given to her by my sister-in-law and we promised her that we will go on our vacation. From then on, Mica would always mention to us or to anyone that she will go horseback riding in the Philippines when she goes on vacation. To fulfill that promise, on our way to San Luis, Batangas-my husband’s hometown and province, we pass by in one of Tagaytay's horseback riding grounds.

We would have visited Picnic Grove if we have more time but since we are headed to Batangas, we only stayed for an hour in another horseback riding facility in the area, one or two kilometers away from the latter.

Compared to Picnic Grove (which is actually a park), we only have to pay for the parking fee here although it lacks in some necessities like a toilet and food stalls. There is a small shop for souvinirs though.

There are big and small horses, the small one above, a white horse (Mica's choice) is PHP 250.00/hr plus PHP 30.00 for an extra rider and the time will be cut in half (30 minutes) if there are two or more extra rider. They also have bicycles for rent and a Carabao ride.