My basic skin care regimen revealed

When it comes to my skin, I trust only one brand - Ponds Beauty White...

Oh ha, sounds like a commercial on TV but that actually holds true for me. I have tried several skin care products but nothing works like these ones. I switched to many different brands based on curiosity but went back to using ponds because it does not irritate my skin and give it that promised radiant glow. My skin agrees with these products that's why I love them. Not even a small pimple appears since I switched back.

This is not actually a product review but just to tell you what is the basic skin care I follow to keep my skin clean and blemish free. It doesn't matter what skin products you use as long as it is suitable to your skin types and as long as you religiously follow these basic steps which means daily use.

Step 1 - Cleanse - It is important to wash your face everyday but not with soap. It can easily remove dirt from your skin but it dries it up too. You can use a facial foam wash that agrees with your skin type, better if it is soap free. In my case I wash mine with Ponds white beauty daily spotless lightening facial foam and pat it dry with a clean towel.

Step 2 - Tone - They say you can skip this step but I am a firm believer in them. I leave it up to you. It actually removes any remaining make up, cleanser and dirt on your skin leaving it super clean. It will also help to shrink the pores as well as control oiliness. I use Ponds age regenerate refine cleansing toner regularly twice a day, day and night before I moisturize. Just make sure to give sometime for your skin to absorb the toner before applying moisturizer.

Step 3 - Moisturize - This is very important for a youthful skin and to prevent wrinkles. I am on my 30s (yes already ;p) and at this stage fine wrinkles starts to appear so it is a must to moisturize regularly. Apply a pea size of moisturizer on your face and neck too and work it evenly on your skin. Make sure to use the one with SPF or in case it does not contain SPF, apply some sunblock. In Dubai especially it is sunny whole year round.

Once or twice a month, I used face mask and from time to time I used facial scrub too to remove dead skin cells.

Over to you ladies, what is your skin care regimen?

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