Cremation, Burial or Repatriation Procedures in Dubai

This procedure applies for natural deaths in Dubai.

I read about this in a local newspaper more than a year or couple of years ago and I never imagined I will be looking for it later on, honestly speaking, rules and procedures might have changed over the course of time but basically, the death graphic below shows how it is done here in Dubai.

Due to an unforeseen event last night, I felt the need to understand once more the repatriation process for people who died of natural causes in Dubai. Completing the documentation to burry, cremate or repatriate bodies of loved-ones can be painfully-time-consuming and burdensome to bereaved families leaving them almost no time to mourn. I hope that this information will be viewed helpful for those on the same situation.

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  1. As a nurse, I have witnessed lots of expats who died and I was wondering about the process of their burial. thank you very much for posting this information..

  2. I know, a lot of people just like you and me are clueless how it's being done here, we never realize how important it is to understand these procedures until we really need the information

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