Monday, March 12, 2012

My parents wedding photos in a photobook

It's here! :D My parents wedding photos are now in a photobook. A more sophisticated way of printing  photos. Thank to Ms. Jo of witandnuts and to Photobook Philippines for the support extended to me during the ordering, payment and delivery process. The photos below were taken with a camera phone and uploaded on Facebook by my sister for me to see. thanks ate xoxo

I did enjoyed doing the layout and editing of the photobook myself  although I cannot do more for the sepia colors of the pictures since it is originally like that. It wasn't that hard to do the layout at all. Before setting off to do the photobook, I look at other ready books to see how it is done. I downloaded the software that's available in the website, uploaded the scanned wedding photos of my parents and started doing the layout the way I like it. It is easy to navigate the photobook designer, everything needed to design and style the book was already there so it is up to the person to get acquainted and familiar with it, add some creativity and your good to go.

Payments can be done using pay pal if you have an account or as pay pal guest, in my case they added the offline payment option. I did have the voucher so I only paid for the shipping charges, please note that the books are manufactured from Malaysia and shipped to Philippines once ready and DHL delivers so I am quite confident that it will be delivered safely to my mom. I knew it was a perfect gift for my mom and even my Dad is not here anymore, I know that he is one happy soul to see mom is happy. It was his birthday yesterday and this book would always reminds us how special he is and lucky we are to be his children. I love mom and dad.

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