Qatar Mall Fire Tragedy-Fire Safety Concerns

I still can't get over with the Qatar mall tragedy. My sister works in the same mall, in a store near the nursery itself from where apparently the fire broke out. My heart leaps with fear once I heard about the fire and called her up immediately. I was only relieved after I have spoken to her and confirmed that she is at home and her shift was an afternoon shift, the fire happened at around 11:00 in the morning and they were told not to come to work anymore. The following day as I read the news, I was so devastated, it's like someone stabbed my heart, thirteen kids ages 18-24 months died in the fire including four teachers and two firefighters.

Today's news pictured a father carrying his sibling in his arm wrapped in white cloth taking him to his grave. It is too painful to see it, how much more for the parents and relatives who lost their kids in the fire. My deepest sympathy goes to all of you.

Too many questions were brought up by this event that lead to summoning the owner of the mall and the nursery, director of the mall, deputy director and assistant of security head. Someone has to answer all these questions, why the fire equipments are not functional, where are the emergency exits, was there an exit plan in case of fire and so many more questions still left unanswered.

The rescue teams as pictured above had to dig their way to the nursery from the roof since the stairs leading to it already collapse. Thick black smoke and heat kept them from penetrating to the area where the kids were trapped. Those two who tried harder lost their lives. They are heroes and I guess I will do the same if I knew that 13 kids are there and I would try to do everything just to save them.

This tragedy is a wake up call for everyone, as we are expecting that a nursery or the school should be the safest place for our children, still we should check the facility very well and ask questions if fire system is in place and operational just like when we are checking what food they serve in the canteen or if the teachers are efficient, fire safety should be one of our main concerns as well.

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  1. i feel the same way carla. very tragic and sad news. i am not sure pro my Filipino worker yta n ksama s namatay :(

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