Toys for two year olds

We are amazed at how fast our son learn things, he can now say a lot of words and can even form broken sentences, he can even ask questions and sings/hum whenever he hears a song. The toys that are lying around the house that used to be teether before are now being played with and are now keeping him busy.  The kid size kitchen of his sister is one of his favorites, he also likes to play fencing with spoon and fork and so we bought two foam swords from the toy store for him and his sister to play with.

Everyday, when I reached home, he will come to the door to give me a hug and then directly pull me to his room to play. I can't say no to this even I am tired, it is such a precious moment in my life as a mom to be able to play with my little guy and to be the center of his attention and it's a shame if I won't revert it back.

The shape that is suppose to be for the turtle became tower blocks. Another thing he likes to do is to complete the puzzle of ABC's.

My little guy is very playful, always smiling and hyperactive. I honestly don't know where all his energy is coming from. I was warned that boys are different from girls but I wasn't told how active boys can be and now I am learning from experience. :)

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  1. My youngest is three, but he didn't start talking until about five months ago. When he was two, he could only say a handful of words. Now he talks up a storm.

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