Wednesday, June 20, 2012

growing up and learning

I remember how happy my daughter was when she got a bicycle on her 4th birthday for a present. I saw the same delight on her face after it's been fixed and finally she was able to ride it again. We ask the bike mechanic to remove the support and it did not take time for Mica to get her balance and ride the bike on her own. She was very pleased with herself and I am very proud of her. I believe that every child must learn to ride a bike as much as learn how to swim. Mica's swimming skills are getting better and better and I'm glad that she learned it at an early age. These are life long skills so as a mom I am making sure that they get to learn them

On the other hand my son is showing signs of potty readiness, he doesn't like his diapers anymore, he feels very uncomfortable with it and there are times in the day that he would not want to put it on. I think we will soon bid goodbye to diapers which only means a fatter wallet for mommy.woohoooo! :)) he is still confused with wee wee and poo poo and uses the terms interchangeably :)) at two, he has a bigger vocabulary, he can understand simple instructions and request. he can also tell us exactly what he wants and echoes every world we say. There is so much joy  in parenting, it is very overwhelming.

It's summer once again here in Dubai and we are thinking of enrolling Mica to a summer camp. She's never been to a camp so we do not know what to expect. I was looking into some decent summer camp that offer a number of fun activities. I have asked her a couple of times if she wants to join but all I get is a no until she saw a flyer at our doorstep about a summer camp. She seems interested now so we will see about that later on. June and July are also Dubai Summer Surprises month so there are a lot of fun activities in the malls for the kids. We were at Mirdif City Center last weekend for the smurfs but was late to see the show so we will take the kids there again next week.

I know that in my country, school just started while here in the UAE schools just closed for summer holidays. How are you helping your kids in their deveolpment and in learning life long skills. How are you keeping them enterntained on weekends and on holidays, share your ideas here.

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