Out of the Ordinary: Ajman Traffic Light

when all other traffic light in Dubai or Sharjah will blink at you three times before opening or closing, in Ajman they are using a countdown timer. Honestly, I find it easier for motorist to anticipate when they need to go or need to stop. Don't you think so?

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  1. I think so, too. Pag nagagawi ako sa Manila nakakakita na rin ako ng mga ganyang may timer. Mas madali tumawid hehehe

    1. its not only easy for the motorist, pati sa pedestrians din pala!

  2. I initially found Ajman traffic lights great, especially the knowing when you are to go next, until we had a jumping-on-red-light violation coming from Ras Al Khaimah.

    We came from high speed, approaching the first signal along the highway. We were sure the tyres would screech when we step on the brake but we decided to continue ahead thinking there would be a "yellow light" after the green 1 countdown. There was none of course, so we're due to pay the AED 800 fine (but hoping the car would be not be impounded).

    Of course we should be more conscious if driving on unfamiliar roads, but I guess we just got so used to the green blinking and yellow warning lights of Dubai traffic.

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