Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pakistan mangoes now in season

Pakistan mangoes are in season and its widely available in the UAE imported from Pakistan. Philippine mangoes are better tasting (I am biased of course) but it's rarely available here except for the raw ones that reached the supermarkets from time to time.

Pakistan mangoes comes in cheap in the middle and end of summer season and it's a lot sweeter and better tasting than other variety of mangoes available here making it a popular choice.

We were at a leading supermarket this morning and we just can't resist not to get some Pakistan mangoes. It's 4.95 dirhams per kilo, it is still expensive coz it can go as cheap as 2.50 dirhams per kilo later on when its on promotion.

Filipino families love to have fruits in season as dessert, bananas are highly popular but avocados, papaya, watermelon, pineapple and melon is as good.

It would be nice if some frozen ripe Philippine mangoes will be available here, perfect for mango slushy in a hot humid afternoon.


  1. ansarap naman nyan, pero gusto kong inggitin kita ng Philippine Mangoes hihi uwi na!!

  2. I might have just bought my pakistan mangoes off-season now at around AED11/ kg. Haven't eaten them yet though.

    You are not biased I guess in saying Philippine mangoes are best :) , many of us say so :)


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