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At the edge of a great big desert...

Can you guess where this awesome place is? Are you clueless or have you been here once and wanted to come back just like me?

This is the home of the highest sand dune in the world, a cranking 120-meter tall 50-degree slope and is located at the edge of Rub Al Khali Desert- the largest uninterrupted sand desert in the world also known as the Empty Quarter. 

This is Liwa -  the birthplace of the Baniyas Tribe or the Al Nahyan family and now the ruling family of Abu Dhabi. Liwa is in the southern most part of Abu Dhabi, almost at the border to Saudi Arabia. It is an oasis with around 50 thriving villages.

This is also the farthest road trip we have done ever in UAE. A stretch of 330-380 km drive from Dubai/Sharjah all the way to this place for three hours, four if you cannot help to stop for photo ops.

We stayed at the Arabian inspired hotel. 

Tilal Liwa Hotel is a four-star hotel with a five-star appeal.

Tilal Liwa is not in Liwa proper but already the sand dune overlooking the car park is surreal. Liwa from the hotel is another 30 minutes drive while the Tel Moreeb Hill is to an hour. The hotel provided a road map to Liwa and to Tel Moreeb so we weren't lost at all.

The ample car parking outside the hotel was full and the hotel was fully booked.

We saw this fort on our way to Moreeb Hill.

The road to Tel Moreeb gets a little bumpy at times. As you can see, nature tries to reclaim what belongs to it.

This is the Tel Moreeb dune-the highest among all the giant shifting sand dunes in this area. It is deserted during our visit but onece a year there is a festival here attended widely by motor enthusiasts.