Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just a bbm away!

When you are missing someone and you had the chance to see that person again there is no room for senseless talk. You just want to update each other with whats up in each others life and you are just so happy to connect again, endless talk, endless laughter, endless fun.

My older and only sister left for Qatar three years ago from Dubai to work. Our annual vacation in the Philippines never match so we never had the chance to see each other.
She was in Dubai for 3D2N during the first week of July for an assessment. The assessment was only for a day but her kind boss granted her request to have a day off the following day in order to spend the time with me and my family. She said she missed Dubai after working here for so long before moving to Qatar. She miss the food, she miss the place she wanted to see again the Burj Khalifa and watch the Dubai dancing fountain, meet some old but best of  friends and re bond her hair :D. So little time and so much things to do. The good thing was coincidentally me and Ferald are both on local leave and the kids are also on summer vacation so we had all the time to be with her and to take her around.

The first thing we did was to take her to a favorite restaurant. A Japanese-Filipino restaurant in Karama that we used to frequent back when she was here. After that we went malling in Dubai Mall, visit some of her friends at Marks & Spencer and then watch the dancing fountain at sunset that left my sister in awe just like every one else who watch it for the first time. Her best friend Emma took time and came to see her too.

We head home after three fountain shows. We pass by a grocery shop to get some all time favorite sausages and processed meat products that she want to take to Qatar for her family as these products are not widely available there. My sister said that one firm recently got the license to sell pork meat products but that was far from their place.

At home we shared pork sinigang and b-b-q over dinner and watch the birthday video of my kids after that. We are all dead tired as we hit the sack. The following morning, Ferald and I had to go to an appointment while my sister went for her hair re bonding, she said it is half the price to do it here than in Qatar.

After that it's time to say goodbye, we drop her at the airport and bid farewell. I am gonna miss her again and I never felt so sad again until that time. I shed a tear and felt my heart ache a little seeing her go. We are going to miss you ate but we are looking forward to see you and your family in December next year. Till then I'm just a bbm away. :)

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