Share A Touch of Love this Ramadan

Do you have clothes that you don't wear anymore or never wear before and the tags are still on? Are you planning to wear these clothes once you get back in shape or you just bought them because you are keeping them for some special occasions but never used them for more than a year? Do you have kids who already outgrown their baby clothes? Then its time to do some wardrobe check and those that are worthy of donating must go to the donation box. Please let them go! :D It is Ramadan and it is a time of giving, let the goodness flow in you and share something to the less fortunate. It's also another way of teaching kids the act of kindness.

Alright you have decided to let go of them but still don't know where to take them and still no plans for the weekend? Read on so I can help you.
Comfort Creations and UAE Red Crescent once again joined hands in its Ramadan charity campaign "Share A Touch of Love this Ramadan" now on its third year. This campaign aims to collect as much clothes as possible for distribution to our less fortunate brothers and sisters as part of Zakat Al Fetr charitable acts during the Holy Month.

The donated clothes are placed in a giant Comfort Creations bottles and each donor can leave their hand prints on the bottle creating a colorful design representing their charitable acts. Each campaign supporter will be honored with 750ml bottle from the new Comfort Creations range-Gardenia and Violet or Rose and Jasmin. The good news is they have just reach 10,000 donations so lets keep it coming.
Comfort Creations donation booths are now accepting donations at Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Center that started last July 15 until the 31st and at Mirdif City Center from 15 July to 14 August so we still have time, I am heading down there this weekend with my kids with my pile.

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