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Potty Training Prince

It comes in naturally to parents the need to potty train their children as they see signs of readiness. I read a lot of articles how to potty train but as they say it is always different with every child. Well I guess they are right about it. I have two kids and they have big age gaps between them. My eldest stop wearing diapers by the age of two, we had few accidents but she learned from that day and become independent from nappies all the way.

We are actively potty training my two year old son right now. His auntie was so supportive of him. Thanks to her. It is much easier now that he can talk and tells me, his aunt, his dad or even his older sister to take him to the toilet to pee. Everyone in the house applauds him for good behavior and encourages him to use the toilet every time he needs to including pooping.

In the beginning, I was the one taking him to the toilet but I thought that to do it visually will help him a lot. His dad was too excited when I told him the idea to show him how men do it and he is the happiest dad on earth when he saw him doing it. He still needs to learn how to poop in the toilet and they are getting there so I guess sooner we will bid goodbyes to the nappies too.

If you need help how to potty train please click here

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  1. So very true! We are potty training our kid as well and it's really a test of patience in doing it :)

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