When I thought that there is just nothing to write and I am hit by the so called writers block, my sister was to the rescue, an inspiration.

I received a call from her this morning saying that she will travel to Dubai again and soon. She was here just recently for an assessment and now back for another assessment. "Jet-setter ka na, patravel travel na lng between Doha and Dubai" I told her. Of course she reasoned out that it's part of the job. Seeing you is a bonus. I was very happy that she has this chance and thank God they are sending her here, where we are based. Actually it is no coincidence, the company's HQ is here in Dubai. But still I'm glad that we have the chance to see each other more often.

"Except for your assessment, what else do you wan to do in Dubai?", I asked her. It's the same question I asked her the last time. In her last visit we went to dine in one of our favorite restaurants in Karama that caters both Japanese and Filipino food - Agemono and watched the Dubai Mall Fountain. This time she said I wanna go by Dubai Metro. Interesting isn't it? I know, even we are in Dubai and the train is just right there to use, me and my family rarely use it. We still travel with BEM, our car. (there is no train connection to Sharjah where we live-still wishing that they will extend it in all the Emirates). My sister left for Doha when the train is still under construction and I bet that she wanted to experience it like a tourist would.

I told you, we rarely use the metro but I honestly think that we should do more often (to cut on our carbon footprint). I took my family for a ride in the Dubai Metro one day, we took off from DCC and headed to IBN Batuta Mall, it's an hour ride at the speed of 80km/h. It's not the destination, it the ride actually that we want. My son continuously ignore the train even if he sees it passing in front of him but not after he experience it. My son is two and he would call out "choo choo train!" now when he sees it.

Looking forward to see my sister again and experience Dubai Metro with her!


  1. Sounds like fun, I hope to explore Dubai some day soon.

  2. aw .. my friends were all at dubai now .. hope i can explore this place too

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