Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dubai Breast Cancer Awareness Month

One night in the beginning of October on the way home, we saw the moon from the horizon that looks like a giant orange ball in the night sky. Tried to chase it to capture its beauty using only my phone camera. Did not succeed though I've tried hard but instead without realizing I captured something else bigger than the moon.

The hotel building at the Dubai Festival City was illuminated with pink lights and ribbon that symbolizes the Breast Cancer Awareness Month that is October. A lot of people, goverment organization and private companies in Dubai are supporting this cause.

Today I read about an expat woman from Abu Dhabi with three young kids who was diagnosed last year with breast cancer . She was undergoing chemotherapy although the disease had spread in her body that makes her terminally ill. She died last August in her home country in Scotland.

Cancer is the 2nd cause of women's death in the UAE and breast cancer is the most common form according to the country's experts. Women as young as 17 years old has recently been diagnosed. Early detection is the key and a healthy lifestyle and less stress.

Another iconic edifice turns pink this october in support to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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