Kids Got Talent Audition

Kid number ten's music was playing in the background, my heart's pumping, my knees shaking and my hands are sweating. Nine kids to go and she's  up. My husband was looking so cool watching the other kids perform their piece for Dubai Festival Center Kids Got Talent while I was nervous as hell. How is he doing that?

Moamen Noor - famous Arab artist escorted Lanna on stage. She was all smiles concealing her nervousness. Next to me I heared someone whisper "I suddenly feel nervous, I wasn't a while ago!" my husband said and I was laughing. :) so I am not the only one hahaha

The kiddo was under the weather and voice was exhausted with practice. Audition schedule cannot be re-schedule due to the heavy numbers of registrations received hence we have to show up. She did her best during the audition and received positive feed backs from the judges and the DFC Mall crowd.

We are still waiting for the results of the audition. In the mean time I am sharing with you my daughter's audition vid.

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  1. Go dear Lanna, all the best! I hope we can be in the crowd cheering for you next presentation day.

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