Siblings Reunited

My sister who’s now based in Doha came to Dubai the other day for another work related assessment. It is a very short trip though so we try to maximize the time we had with her. My older brother Dinoh and my sister Jhoce did not see each other for the last three years and the last time Jhoce was here in July, kuya (brother) was vacationing in Philippines. I couldn't remember exactly the last time we all three were together. It's been many years ago that's why I am so thankful that Jhoce had this chance to come to Dubai.

Me and my brother meet up at Airport Terminal 1 to pick her up and headed by taxi to the hotel where she'll stay for the night. Apparently some guest did not check out and left their luggage in the room and could not reach them, the room booked for her wasn't ready and there are no available rooms. To compensate the situation, the guest relation officer offered a suite upgrade in the next hotel apartment which my sister graciously accepted. The place was huge, three bedrooms, two and a half bathroom, and a separate dining and living room, not bad at all. The only thing was she will be alone in the suite for the night because we can't stay since its weekday and there's work the following day. The stories were pouring; we have so much to catch up with so little time and our stomachs are growling so we headed out for dinner.

We all fancy Chinese food so I took to them to China Palace, one of my favorite restaurant in town that serves authentic Chinese food. The restaurant interior is completely Chinese. My sister have this little obsession with Feng Sui lately and she was so curious about everything inside, she liked the two huge wooden eagles that is standing by the entrance and there is this nuts-chili like curtains that serves as divider in the restaurant. This restaurant was so successful that one may think it's because of all the lucky charms that adorn the place but I will tell you that it is just part of it; the reason why this place is so successful is because the food is really good and it won't leave you bankrupt even after treating all your friends.

Me, my sister and my husband and at the background was the eagle and chili-nut curtain

The two Chinese waitstaff who hardly speaks English took our order and we communicated via the menu book which is inscribe in English and Chinese with food photos. I liberally gave the orders and they were laughing at me as I try so hard to make them understand what I want hehehe!

We can't get enough of this prawn steamed dumpling with vinergar and garlic dip. It's uniquely flavourful so we ordered a second set.

 Part of our dinner was this sweet and sour chicken, we also had seafood fried noodle with bean sprouts, egg fried rice, spicy crispy chicken with Chinese parsley.

We didn't order anything exotic like sea cucumber or shark fin soup but they also have it in the menu.

My sister was a bit nostalgic that night, she missed her three kids and husband back in Qatar and longing for them to join us for dinner and that they would definitely love the food as much as we do. I have the same feeling since my kids are at home, I didn't have the chance to take them with me since both Ferald and I went straight from work to meet up with my siblings.

To sum it up, the night was fun, full of stories and our gustatory needs were satisfied. China Palace is in Al Maktoum Road after the Clock Tower R/A and we each took a souvinir photo with my sister.

We will miss you and we hope to see you again next time in Dubai.

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  1. Sibling reunions really make grand times
    I am joining in your gladness, :)

    Tagal ko na nakatira sa Rigga at halos araw-araw dinadaanan ang Chinese Palace pero di pa ako nakakain dun, nacurious na talaga ako, will have to eat there one time.

    1. Oo, it is one place I would recommend to friends, go na! enjoy

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