Monday, November 12, 2012

Tasting Tradition

I was with my family last Saturday in Global Village, it is among many of Dubai's tourists hot spots where as they say is a place the world comes together. It is a place where you can go around the world for 80 minutes for each country of the world has its own pavilion. They showcase handicrafts, woodwork, textiles, among other things. It is also a place where you can try some of the food each nation is famous for. Just a bit pricier though.

Having been in the UAE for a long time, I shall confess that there are still things-Emarati that my family and I haven't experienced yet. Food plays a big part in the UAE culture and with every chow down there are some sweet endings. Ours was called regag and luqaimat - both Emirati ttraditional desserts cooked in a traditional cooking corner by Emirati women.

To watch the ladies prepare them is a joy. I ask permission before taking this vid just to document how the traditional yummy sweets are made and prepared before serving.

This is regag (egg and cheese filling) and the later is loqaimat with date syrup


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