Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fast Lane multi tiered parking

Prince is two and a half and can't write to Santa yet but we know he likes Ben 10, Barney and Thomas and Friends. Shopping for Prince wasn't easy compared to Mica, it took us more than an hour to decide what to give to the kiddo. We were rounding Toys R Us boys section so many times. I almost bought a Thomas and Friends Lego but Ferald did not like it. He wanted to give him something with cars or train, he know better what boys like so I did not argue. It was a good decision to get this gift coz Prince love it.

Of course after opening the present, Prince immediately ask his dad to build it, here with my brother helping to put up the multi tiered parking

The seal of approval is ours!!! :D


  1. I remember getting hot wheels tracks when I was a kid. It was so easy to be excited then.

    1. yeah hot wheels are still cool for kids even now!


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