Bamia and Beef Stew (this will make your kid eat veggies)

I tried cooking okra (bamia) and beef stew last night and my family loves it. I was craving for some veggies and it was okra I wanted. I had this dish in a Lebanese restaurant before but in that the okra was overcooked and I don't like my veggies soggy.

The only solution to that is to cook this dish my way. I don't have pictures of it though, I do have a habit of not taking photos of the food I cook after a I cook it and then regret it until I want write about it. So anyways, we had a very sumptuous dinner last night, I even get to make my daughter try some okra (for her it is one veggie at a time) and I am happy about it. I want my kids to be veggie eaters like me.

This dish is very easy to cook and use less ingredients too. You will need

500 grams beef
500 grams okra (bamia) cut the heads and tails off
2 cans of tomato puree
1 onion chopped
5 cloves garlic chopped
juice of 1 lemon or half if you don't like it very sour
salt and pepper
beef stock or water
olive oil


1. In your pressure cooker, add oil, add onion then garlic and suttee
2. Add beef, fry a little until juices are sealed
3. Add in tomato puree and beef stock or water
4. Cover and let it simmer until its tender, follow instructions in cooking with your pressure cooker
5. Stop the heat, release all the steam and open your pressure cooker very carefully
6. Check for the beef tenderness, add your okra and salt and pepper, simmer for 5 minutes on less until your okra is cooked but not overcooked.
7. Add the juice of lemon, stir a little and serve with steamed rice.

It is a bit similar to beef caldareta but not spicy, you can actually make it spicy if you like just add some chili.

To give you a hint how it looks like, here's a photo and another version of it and use turmeric

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