Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beware of Budol Budol Gang

Recently we heard news about Budol Budol gang striking again in some places like Cavite (City in Philippines). This time they are targeting old women shopping alone, coming out from banks and remittance centers or wearing gold jewelries. Many of the victims killed are those who fought back. One photo of a dead old woman flashed on the screen. She had only gone shopping in the wet market but never came back. The husband and her family desperately searched for her but when they finally found her, she's dead, victimized by Budol Budol. Several cases like this have been reported. The police authorities apprehended some members of the gang and are now behind bars. These gang members are men and women, the women pretend asking for help, once the victim fall prey to their tricks, they will continue their drama; they have a van to drive around their victim while they sequestered all valuable belongings.

This news left me fuming. These people don't possess a heart, they are a living dead, they are still alive but their souls are burning in hell. They do not care who they victimize, they knew that the older the person the easier to overpower. These criminals must be hunted down and prosecuted, better yet given capital punishment.

Not many days ago I heard news of another old woman victimized by these gangs. She was on her way to the mall, while waiting for a jeepney ride, a woman approached her, asked her for help. Apparently they are from Baguio City (a City in North Luzon in Philippines), suppliers of fruit and vegetables in Manila, they are on their way back to Baguio but one of their colleague had severe stomach pain and must be taken to the hospital. The old woman was already suspicious and refused to help. As she tried to walk away, the woman who was asking for help put her arms around her shoulder and sticks a gun to her side telling that if she will not cooperate something bad will happen. In her state of shock and fear for her life, she just did what she was told to do. They took her in the van, inside were the accomplices - another woman and the driver. They took her mobile phone and cash money but still unsatisfied of what they’ve got, they told her to take them home, she tried to lie that she is not from that place and only visiting a friend but that didn't work. In reaching her house they asked her to take all her jewelries while one woman stands and watch her from the front door and the other was at the gate. They took her back into the van, took all her jewelries and drove off to the same place where they picked her up. Had she fought back they could have killed her. Sparing her life for not fighting back, they drop her there shocked, helpless and crying. Just right on time, two ladies who were supposed to go to the mall saw her. They helped the woman, took her to their home and let her stay until she’s calmed down and they let her use their phone to call her family.

I thought these stories only happen  in movies but they are for real so please if you are reading this please be extra cautious and be aware of your surroundings. Any crime can happen at any given time, keep your moms and aunts safe, warn them and share them this news and story so that they don’t fall prey to this vultures. Always go to places where there are many people, never travel alone.

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