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Prada, Channel, Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton... how many authentic bags do you own and how are you keeping them in tip-top shape?

Recently my sister requested me to run an errand for her. Her much loved LV bag (Galleria monogram brown patent canvas) needs some TLC and she wants me to take it to the spa for bags in Jumeirah. I didn't know that such a spa for authentic bags do exist until she asked me. At first, I think it was ridiculous but as the idea sinks in I thought that it is just right to give your very expensive bag some TLC instead of keeping/hiding it in your closet after it is worn out and old with folds, creases & wrinkles, ink stains, tarnish/scuff metals, wear & tear, color transfer and darkened handle and not fit to be carried around anymore.

I took my sister's bag at My Bag Spa located in Jumeirah Centre. It will take a month to do a full dye and partial cleaning. A full dye will be done to restore the color of the leather in the bag from the time it was purchased and a partial cleaning will be done on the inside and outside as well to remove stains and dirt. Once the leather is dyed, the color will remain the same forever unlike when it is untreated the leather is aging and the color is changing. The shop assistant also made me aware that in case my sister will sell the bag in the future and the buyer will check its authenticity with Louis Vuitton,  LV knowing that the bag has been treated will never certify its authenticity since the untreated leather has already been treated. That is the case with LV which apparently is part of the company policy. It is never a problem though if you are not going to sell it.

The cost of the full dye is AED 300 or $82 and partial cleaning is AED 100 or $27.
Total spa services for my sister's LV bag is AED 400 or $109, it's not bad, right?

I don't know I am still not convinced, maybe because I don't own an LV until now, it's hard to say. At this time I'd rather treat myself to a Moroccan bath, who wants to join me? Yallah!

But yes if you would like to treat your bag to a spa, My Bag Spa is in Jumeirah Center on the first floor. They are also selling some authentic second-hand bags there.

This is not a sponsored post, will just see in a month's time if the service is good. Will keep you posted.

Ciao for now!

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