First Batch of Winners in 100 Lucky Juans Cebu Pacific Promo to be Announced this Week!!!

Have you submitted your entry already? The first batch of 7 winners in 100 Lucky Juans Promo of Cebu Pacific will be announced this week. If you have not joined yet you still have a lot of chances as this contest runs until August 18, 2013. To join simply "LIKE" Cebu Pacific Official Facebook Page, click on  100 Lucky Juans, and tell Cebu Pacific how you will make your home coming to the Philippines fun.

Entries keep on coming and I already have a few favorites. Here are some of the top rated entries so far 

As I look at each of the entry and read some of the essays, I can't help not to feel sad and proud mainly because many of the entries speak truth of the true feeling of an OFW, the longing for the family while far from home and their LOVE for them. They talk of the sacrifices they are willing to make just to give their loved ones a better life. Actually it's the loneliness and homesickness that makes it hard to work abroad, not the work load or the bosses. (Okay okay the bosses too :P) "Sabi nga mas mahirap kalaban ang lungkot." 

As an OFW I know that feeling, I always miss my mom and get worried when her health is not in tip top shape. It makes me sad that I am not able to spend our lives living together because we are here in the UAE and raising a family. I couldn't force her to come here because it bores her to stay at home all day while I am at work and it makes her weak to stay idle, she's a very active woman. Going on vacation once a year and spending more time together helps alleviates our sadness and longing for each other. 

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