How to make your homecoming to the Philippines fun?

Planning your holiday to the Philippines? Is your company paying for your airfare or are you paying it from your pocket this time? In case you are paying it yourself, why pay it when you have a chance to have it for free. Yes FREE!!! Read below carefully.

In the UAE, expatriates are privileged to have an annual leave of 20 working days or 30 calendar days every year however airline tickets can be given yearly or every two years, there are also some people who get it every six months.

Cebu Pacific is running a contest on their Facebook page called 100Lucky Juans starting today May 13 and will be giving away 100 free return tickets to Filipinos based in the UAE for its first-ever flight from Dubai to Manila on October 7. All you have to do is to tell Cebu Pacific in a video or photo collage or 200-word text/essay format how you will make your homecoming to the Philippines fun. 
 That actually triples the fun because not only do you get to plan a perfect vacation in the Philippines, but you’ll also get the chance to win your airfare for free and witness history unfold by being one of the 100 Filipinos to fly with Cebu Pacific from Dubai to Manila on its first-ever flight. (That story is worth telling everyone) J

Entries will be accepted until August 18, 2013, so submit your entries now and start winning. You will be asked to enter some of your personal details after you have uploaded your entry so that they will be able to contact you if you win. Remember, you must be 25-65 years old, a subscriber of GMA Pinoy TV, and have a valid work permit in Dubai.

You must be feeling very excited when you think of your vacation, who doesn't? Are you thinking of the things you wanted to do in the Philippines with your family and friends? Are you salivating about the food you would love to savor with them? Are you dreaming of the places you might want to take your parents, kids, and siblings? Are you lost in all the things you are missing about the Philippines? So am I. 

I still remember our month-long vacation in the Philippines last 2011, it was oozing with awesomeness. It was loaded with entertainment, friends, and family time. It was my and my kid's first time attending my husband's family reunion and I can say that they are a group of very happy and fun-loving people. We took the kids again to the Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna for the ride all you can ride, we visited the Butterfly Haven in Pulilan where we get up close and personal with live butterflies and we also visited Barasoain Church for some historical and cultural enrichment, went horseback riding in Tagaytay for some action, joined my hubby in a reunion with his HS classmates and laugh our hearts out as we go clubbing at Punchline Comedy Bar and dine out with them at Shakey's Restaurant, Christmas and New Year was celebrated with a bang with our family and I ate all the Filipino food my heart desires. It was such an amazing time I/we wanted to do it over and over again.

If words are not enough then maybe the pictures can do it better. Do you recognize these photos? These places could be one of your destinations with your family when you go on your vacation and Cebu Pacific can take you there.

The Philippines is our country, the Philippines is our home, where ever we are in the world we all still want to come home one day. When we aren't ready to go home just yet, we love to go for a short vacation to see our family and friends; it is a refresher for the lonely and the homesick.

This is a sponsored post by Cebu Pacific

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