Royal Hand Prints

While we were preparing the kids to go to bed, my daughter looked at her palms and then asks to see mine. The lines on our palms are completely different and even those of my son are different from mine too. I thought that they might haven gotten it from their dad so we all looked at his hands and they are almost just like the kids but none are the same.

Interestingly, I saw this art work from the DIFC Corporate Art Collection displayed at the entrance of The Gate Building in DIFC the other day. These are the royal hand prints of the Ruler of Dubai and of his children.

I cannot read Arabic so I don't know which one is of HE Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum but I am only guessing that the one in the last row on the lower left is a woman's hand because it is slender and probably it's the Sheikhs only daughter HH Sheikha Maitha. I also noticed that the hand in the middle is a left hand while the rest are all right hands. Can you see which ones have the same lines? I think none.

These hands are the hands of the leaders who shaped Dubai, the beacon of success, the guiding light towards a brighter future of the city. Did you know that in 2007, Zabeel Investments auctioned the artistic handprints of the Al Maktoum Family for Dubai Cares? You can read it here and here. I am just not sure if this is the same art piece.

This is a very nice piece of art and very good idea for families for a personalized art work for your home.  Palm print kits are available in art stores.

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