Teaching my expat kid her correct identity

I married a Filipino guy not knowing that he has some Chinese roots, I only learned later on that his dad’s mom is Chinese. That’s why he has this “chinito” eyes which attracted me to him in the first place. lols

In many occasions people confused my kids and their dad as another nationality because of their looks. My daughter grew curious about her roots because of these encounters. We explained to her that her great grandmother is Chinese that’s why she has the Chinese features but the rest of her grandparents and great grandparents are of Filipino origin.

In the recent children’s birthday party that we have attended, the host asks Mica where is she from and she eagerly answered “from the Philippines.” The host joked that he thought she was from China and then Mica without hesitation said “I am half Chinese” and everybody accepted the child's' answer as it is.

Ferald and I are smiling at each other about our daughters answer. Later on I explained to her that she can tell people that she has Chinese roots instead of saying she is half Chinese because her dad and I are both Filipinos by birth and origin and so is she and also even if she was born in the UAE. 

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