Friday, December 06, 2013

42nd National Day Celebration Overload

We loved the Grand Parade at Downtown Dubai. I'm glad that event was held on the 1st of December so we had more chance to further celebrate UAE National Day. We took the kids to DFC to watch the musical fireworks, they also have other events happening in the mall.

Like a fashion show, models clad in stylish Arabian style dresses and abayas,

which you are served with some Arabic coffee while waiting for the models to come out

Arab dances later on

and at the end of the show is a huge UAE flag

Outside, three majlis where loqaimat and ragag are freshly cooked by emarati women and distributed to people who'd like to sample authentic traditional Emarati sweets. My kids love it and it's free for everyone.

Ladies are queuing for free henna

The night was not over yet because the most awaited part of the celebration is the musical fireworks display at the marina accompanied with fire and water show. By 9 pm, the sky was burning with beautiful colorful fireworks

If that kind of celebration won't make you jump on a plane to Dubai on your next holiday, I don't know what will but one thing is for sure, UAE or Dubai has gone beyond belief in taking this country to stardom and making the people happy and proud, locals and expats alike.

Happy 42nd Birthday UAE!

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  1. I miss visiting DFC especially on Eid and National Day celebrations. Back in the days when we live in Karama, this was our place to go -- because EMAAR Boulevard then as under construction. Now it's just too far a drive from us!

    And come to think of it, I also get henna tattoo every National Day celebration! =)


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