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Easy Gingerbread House

I never made a gingerbread house before, this is not part of our holiday traditions while I was growing up and since my kids are growing far from our home country,  they were not able to experience and practice Filipino Christmas traditions but it doesn't mean they have to skip the Christmas cheer! More importantly as Christians, I make sure they are aware why we are celebrating this very special occasion.

At home we made some gingerbread house last Thursday night, on Friday we went to Dubai Mall to see Santa Clause at Hamley's so they can give him their Christmas wish list. I also bought for them some advent calendars to make the count down more exciting. They are so excited of Christmas, they are looking forward to this day and can't wait to open their gifts, also some of our friends, relatives and my brother will be joining us on Christmas eve.

This is an easy gingerbread house recipe, I opted to get graham crackers instead of baking the bread, I have no time to bake and I am not sure how it will come out as I have not baked ginger cookies before.

We used 6 graham crackers for each house, a serrated knife, some chewy candies (orange and watermelon) saltine crackers with different shapes, and icing (one or two egg whites mixed with 1 lb confectionery sugar)

They all turn out fine and the kids love it. This one is Mica's design with my help.

This house is more elaborate, its for Prince and Daddy helped him to put up the chimney over there

This one is for Lance, my nephew. The final product has a chimney but I have no photo of it though.

It wasn't that hard at all and it was such fun making gingerbread houses. I promise next year to bake the bread. It will be more work but it will be awesome.

I wish that the kids would somehow remember us doing this, maybe if we do it every year and then it's going to be part of our family's own Christmas traditions.