Balcony Gardening

I was about to give up on my balcony gardening after my tomato and green bell pepper plants died but I just love growing plants and seeing something green on our balcony so I gave it another try. In my last post on my other blog Veggies On Air last November 22, 2013, I sowed some basil and pumpkin seeds. I patiently waited for them to grow and I am glad that they reached this point without dying or being eaten by birds and pests. It took time for the basil seed to germinate, I sowed many seeds but only one survived, I am closely paying attention to this baby because I wanted it to mature so I wouldn't have to buy basil from the supermarket anymore.

On the other hand, the pumpkin seed which I just got from a pumpkin I bought is looking very healthy.

And until recently, I got a surprise, it has flowers!

In addition, I again planted some tomatoes and chili peppers

During our last visit to the supermarket, I got a rosemary seedling, I already transferred it to another pot but I don't have a picture of it yet but it's looking very healthy right now. All the plants are looking fine and again fingers crossed, I am hoping to harvest something this time, maybe a tomato or green peppers or better yet a pumpkin.

My Yellow Bells

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