Sunday, February 16, 2014

À la maison

All through out the weekend, I was busy helping my eldest build her house project for her French class. Her teacher asked the students to submit a 3D house with French labels in it

l'entrée - the hall

la cuisine - the kitchen

la chambre (à coucher) - the bedroom

la salle de bains - the bathroom/washroom

la salle à manger - the dining room

les toilettes - the toilet, bathroom

le salon - the living room

Mommy's not an Architect nor an Engineer but she loves arts and craft so we ended up with a doll house.

I found some dollhouse inspiration from Pinterest

and Mica loves crafting and she always go here for her crafts tutorial. I enjoyed doing this project with her, the kid in me is happy. I ask her to bring it home after grading so she can play with it. 

The materials I used here are all recycled - card boards, shoe boxes, magazine cutouts for some pictures, used up toilet roll card board, some glue, scissors, masking tape, spare fabric, and gift wrap paper.


  1. I guess the doll house wont come back until school is over, it will be displayed in school for everyone to see :-)


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