How to Attest Degree Certificate in Dubai

Attested highest education certificate or degree certificate is a requirement when processing your employment visa in Dubai. This apply mostly to professionals and managerial post. Depending on your position, the company who employs you will ask for this document when it is time to process your visa. You may want to ask them whether they need it or not because there are some position that does not require to have it although it is always better to keep it handy for future use and reference.

Attestation happens first in your home country or in the country where you graduated. It must be certified by the school, notarized by a public notary, then attested by the Ministry of Foreign affairs before the UAE Embassy in your place.

When you arrived to Dubai, the certificate must go to the Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attestation before it can be acknowledge by the immigration as an official document.

MoFA is in embassies area, at the corner of Khalid Bin Walid Road and Al Seef Road. You can alight from BurJuman Metro Station and walk but I do not recommend this during summer between May to August.

The entrance is behind the building, there is a security check, for ladies it is advisable to wear pants or if you are to wear a dress or skirt it must go below your knee. It is not allowed to use the phone so keep it silent or just leave it in the car.

After the security check, there is a counter where you will show your document and the personnel or the police will tell you how much you have to pay. It is AED 150 for this type of document (this might be subject to change without further notice)

Go to the cashier and pay, you will also have to add AED 10 for the e-dirham card and keep it for future use as it is re-loadable. Always check the expiry date of the card. This card can also be used in other government office in the UAE who accepts e-dirham payments.

Go back to the counter and get your token, or you might be given a token first before paying. Enter the attestation room and sit in the designated seat for men or women. When your token it called, go the counter and hand over your document, receipt and e-dirham card. It should be done in about in less than 10 minutes. It is not allowed to use mobile phones inside the premises.

The staff are very professional and helpful at MoFA so keep calm.

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