New Da Vinci Italian Trattoria with Entertainer Chef Manolo Mosconi

I took a week off from work last week to spend time with my family, to unwind, relax and socialize and now I am back again to the daily grind. Working moms sometimes need a break too, don't you agree? I can hear moms cheering :) yeah! I wasn't expecting that the short vacation I filed will be hectic but I have no complaints, it was short but sweet.

What did I do with my week?

I went to party with Novotel Al Barsha Grand opening on Monday, discovered real authentic French food and drink at Gulfood on Tuesday and participated at Fashion Different with Iconic and Al Sada Publication on Wednesday then had a little break on Thursday, the rest of the time I have was well spent at home with my two kids and by Friday night I am up again for another event.

It's irresistible because it was the launch of one of the first if not the oldest authentic Italian restaurants in Dubai, about 27 years in business. The New Da Vinci Italian Trattoria at Millennium Airport Dubai is reinventing itself from being a formal dining place to a much laid back "louder" type of restaurant, if you get what I mean. Making it more a livelier place and family oriented. I should have taken the kids with me because I'm pretty sure they will love chef Manolo Mosconi's acrobatics.

Maurizio Pisoni, Head Chef of Da Vinci’s commented in an interview: "It is a very exciting move for us, by reinventing the trattoria we will be adding new life to the restaurant, by adding dishes that are typically Italian such as Tagliatelle Verdi al Salmon and Capricciosa, we are bringing to Dubai a totally new perception of Italian cuisine. Italian food is very orientated towards families, so it was only natural that we would create the family pizza, letting families share their favourite food with ease" 

Catching Chef Manolo's live performance at Da Vinci's last Friday night on video using my phone camera

This is something you shouldn't miss, The Entertainer Chef will be here until the 15th of March so book your table now.

I got carried away with all the dancing and jiggling, now let me tell you about the food, glorious food.

This is not my first time at Da Vinci, it was a night of Wine and Dine Part 2- a wine tasting event and I can tell you that the food is superb even then.

We had pizza of course, we ask the restaurant manager Mr. Sayed for his pizza recommendation and he suggested Salmon pizza from Chef Manolo's menu. This pizza has no pizza sauce and the dough was let to rise for three days to make it really light. The crust is very crunchy and I was very pleased with the fresh toppings of romaine lettuce and sliced cherry tomatoes while the smoked salmon simply binds everything together, at every bite, the flavors just burst in my mouth.

The pizza was serve as our starter along with a bowl of minestrone soup

and insalata caprese (slices of goat cheese, tomatoes topped with fresh basil and drizzled with evo)

For the main dish, I ordered Spagheti Al Frutti Di Mare, the pasta was cooked al dente, spaghetti sauce was light and fresh and the seafood was cooked to perfection

While we are  busy taking photos and video as Chef Manolo danced, twirl his pizza dough and sport his acrobatic stunts, the wait staff are also busy serving desserts on our table.

With the launch of the NEW Da Vinci Italian Trattoria, there were a few changes in the restaurant that I have noticed. The tables are now covered with red and white plaid table cloth, it used to be white before and the chairs were painted green whilst now it is painted brown.

The old menu was replaced by menu boards written by hand which I think is very cool. They also have plans of replacing the big white plates with clay type crockery soon.

Even though changes were incorporated to the restaurant for aesthetic reasons and the menu has change with some addition from Chef Manolo's signature dishes, there is one thing that remains the same and I think will never change, the food here is good and in my opinion, people come back to a restaurant for this particular reason, the rest are just secondary, I am sure they will never last this long if not for the superb cooking, fresh ingredients and the management constant search for improvements.

And as always food is best shared with the company of friends and family. My date that night was my older and only brother and two of my blogger friends, Rosell of Kero's celebration and Chandi at Sheikhland

   (l-r) Ben Hipolito F&B Administrator, Rosell, Chef Manolo, Chandni and yours truly.

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  1. Hubby and his friends are dining there tonight....couldn't pass the chance to see the Chef's quirky antics.

    It was wonderful to finally meet you 'properly.' I should have said this earlier but too loaded with deadline...pardon me.

    I hope to see you again....with kindest regards.

    1. the feeling is mutual, I am very pleased to meet you too and our other fellow blogger Chandni. I really wanted to have a Dubai bloggers meet, I am sure it will be a fantastic event. would love to see you again too. Cheers!

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