Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Wish Granted! TGIF

Finally wish granted, hubby's Friday off is baccccccckkkk!!!

But it wasn't easy to get it back, he needed to insist on it and thankfully the people around him in his new workplace are kind and helpful. I am not sure though if it will last longer than three months, I am just keeping my fingers crossed for now.

I was rambling about it three months ago and finally he is off this coming Friday. You can't imagine how the change on his schedule disrupts ours but of course I do understand that the husbands new job has its requirements.

You must be wondering why this day is so important to us. Well here in the sandpit generally our weekend is Friday and Saturday and it is so important if you have your family living with you in Dubai. He used to work from Sunday to Thursday just like me and the kids school is the same but then it all changed after 6 years when he move to another employer. Just a quick note, not everyone in the UAE has off days like ours, many of those who work in the mall and commercial establishments have their off in some other days.

But for us...

Weekend is our time to unwind and rejuvenate after a long work week, take the kids out and have plenty and quality time with them, reconnect with friends and family or do the house work, the laundry, or just laze around the house and do a movie marathon but most importantly is our time for our creator, it is only on Friday as a family, that we are able to go to church to attend the holy mass and say our prayers and thank you's for all His graces.

I am so looking forward to each and every Friday for the next three months. Yipiyayow!!!!

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