Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Beach

I want to go to the beach tomorrow but the dad was too tired and badly needed some rest and longer extended sleep. We were up so late last night for the Justin Timberlake concert in Abu Dhabi du Arena and today he needed to go to work, Saturday's the busiest day at work while me on the other hand was off and had the privilege to doze off.

Anyhow, I am still dreaming to go to the beach and soak up in the morning sun and until then I am going to be reminiscing our day at the beach about three weeks ago or until I convinced him to go. Cheeky, I know but tomorrow is the last day of the long weekend and its summer for crying out loud, we have to go to ze beach!!!! Living in the UAE means to love the sun, the sea and the sand. Although The Beach is far from where we live, located in Dubai Marina adjacent to The Walk between Hilton and Sheraton Hotels, about 40 kilometers away from our home about 25 minutes drive without the traffic, we still wanted to go.

The Beach is a new lifestyle destination in Dubai that boast a shopping complex with 70 retail outlets, a number of restaurants, open theater cinema, play area for kids, a running track, an open air gym, intricate sand sculptures and an expansive open space with white sandy beach and crystal clear water. It is a place for a perfect summer getaway

We raced the sun and reach the beach at sunrise, it was still low tide.

We rolled out our beach mat on this spot

And behind us are the towering buildings of the Jumeirah Beach Residences.

Hubby and kids can't resist the call of the sea and made their way down to the water while me and our friends took loads and loads of photos. :D

This was a precious bonding moment, look at how happy my boys were, while mica was playing mermaid a the background enjoying a swim

dad and prince at the beach jbr on Make A Gif
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I enjoyed a stroll on the shore and feel the sand and sea on my toes before I followed them in the water. 

Love this photo of our family

Prince with her beautiful godmother

 Jeah Adarna and Rosy

I woke up early to prepare a simple breakfast, it was chicken sandwich and hard boiled eggs

After the hearty breakfast and the much needed dip in the water, we decided to pack-up, it was only half past nine in the morning and it was getting hotter by the minute. If we are leaving because it was too hot for us already, the others are just arriving.

But before we go,just "let me take a selfie" Cameras are installed around The Beach and you can send photos to your e-mail.

The dad said YES already so we will see these again tomorrow. I am soooo excited.


  1. Beaches in Dubai are lovely place to visit while in the city.
    You have a pretty blog & like to see the stories around the place.
    Keep enjoying and smiling.

    - Sally Sen

    1. Indeed Sally, beaches here are beautiful and clean too, not only that it is easy to access.
      Please feel free to check my blog I have a handful of articles about UAE in the Explore page.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Lovely pics do they have any birthday party venues in Dubai near the beach!! would love to plan one for my daughter!!


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