We're Going to Miss You

I was completely heartbroken when I learned that one of my dearest aunts passed away, she's my moms eldest sister. The news of her demise came-in in the form of a Facebook comment from my cousin and not like an early morning call which I dread but with a short straight forward comment on some post I was tagged in. It didn't change the way I felt about it, I cried as I stare at the message before coming into my senses and frantically calling my mom and then my siblings who both are also very shocked of what had happened.

Days earlier, I learned that she was taken to the hospital because of a stroke and she did not recover since then.

The last time I saw her was in December 2011 and I never thought it would be the last. She was literally hugging and kissing me at that time like she missed me so much. She was so dear to me, to all of us, just like my sister said, she left an imprint in each of our hearts. She was a caring grandmother to her grandchildren and a very good mother to her fives sons. A very helpful and understanding auntie and she's the bond that hold us all. I don't remember any unpleasant experience with her, I see her as a happy and talented person. I can still picture her while dancing, singing and performing on stage with her Amigas in their group called "Balikatan" when I was small.

You are a true gift to everyone and with your passing away, I cried a lot but then I chose to celebrate your life that is a life well-lived and everyone who has been part of your life knows that.

Goodbye forever auntie Rosie, until we meet again, don't forget about me and say hi to my dad if you happen to see him in heaven and to the rest of our loved ones who has returned to our Creator. I will definitely miss you.

Have you lost a love one while working abroad, how did you deal with it? 

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