Friday, June 13, 2014

Pizza Making Birthday Party

We were invited to a pizza making birthday party a few months ago.

Micaela's classmate was celebrating her 10th birthday and what a lovely idea to do a pizza making birthday party for the birthday girl.

A long table was arranged at the middle of the party hall. The children lined themselves up next to the tables, they are all very excited about the activity, my son was a little hesitant and unsure of what's happening and refused to put on the plastic apron. And even after it was neatly tied to his waist, he was asking me to remove it, he only gain enthusiasm when the pizza doughs were placed in front of the children and the activity started gaining pace.

Prince loosened up and join the fun.

After a short introduction about pizza, the kids were told to pat the dough using their palm and then they were told to put their pointer and middle finger together and use it to push the dough further to the side of the pan.

Pizza sauce was poured into each pizza dough and each kid were given a pair of plastic gloves to keep their hands clean while topping their pizza with their choice of toppings. I think Prince put every topping there is while Mica liked her pizza really cheesy with just a few slices of ham.There was pepperoni, ham, corn, olives, chicken, mushroom and green bell pepper.

After adding the toppings, the kids add more cheese on top of the pizza before it was taken to the oven to bake. They also took the hats of the kids and placed it beneath the pan to id the pizzas for serving later

Prince pizza looks so good and yes it was very delicious. We shared it just because it was too big for him to finish it. It was served with apple juice.

Micaela pizza turned out well. She and all the other kids ate their pizzas.

I on the other hand was sated by fresh mozzarella and tomato salad, creamy salmon pasta and washed it all down with some pineapple-orange cocktail.

If you are looking to celebrate your child's birthday in a unique, engaging, and fun way, pizza making birthday party is for you. Your kid and your kids guest will surely enjoy it, we did. Kudos to the birthday girl's parents.


  1. beautiful pics!! great venue to throw a kids birthday party as i was planning one for my 6 year old daughter!!

  2. Hello Rhea, six years old would love to have pizza making activity. It is a sure fire for the kids this age.


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