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Yesterday's lunch was grilled king white salmon we got fresh from the Sharjah fish market. Every time we go there to buy fresh fish and seafood, there is this magnificent structure on our way that is inevitable not to be noticed at all. It is Al Souk or the Gold Souk which is one of Sharjah's pride and beautiful buildings.

If you wonder what's inside this humongous awe-inspiring twin building, let me tell you.

One is the gold souk where you can shop and haggle for some pretty intricately designed jewelry pieces all hanging and loosely displayed glistening by the glass window of each shop. The other building is a trading market for electronics, clothes, souvenirs, and a lot more. In case you feel hungry while shopping, there is a small food stalls/cafeteria inside to sit and eat while you contemplate whether which necklace or earring to buy.

Outside this building is Khaled Lagoon, it is a large expanse of water circumvented by Al Buheira corniche which is 6 1/2 kilometers. It will take you an hour to walk around this lagoon passing by Al Montaza used to be known as Al Jazeera Park and Al Souk, on the other side was the Al Majaz Waterfront which I already showed you here.

I remember that back in 2003 when gold prices are roughly 30 to 40 AED per gram, we always buy our jewelry here. Om shop is a kabayans favorite shop in the gold souk, he is an Indian gold trader and seller who can speak Tagalog, and by that he won the hearts of our fellow Pinoys.

Back then even the minimum wage earner can afford to buy gold jewelry pieces just after a couple of months savings. Due to soaring gold prices now, we can't really buy something on a monthly basis. That doesn't mean that one can't marvel the beauty of this place, say just for a nice photo or a stroll.

In between the gold market and Khaled lagoon is a green area where you can seat to relax, have some popcorn or ice cream you got from the food stalls inside the souk, or try something fun like fish feeding in the lagoon with some stale bread. Another thing that is best to do in this area is to bring your own picnic basket in wintertime, take some friends or family with and soak in the sun, and all the beauty that surrounds you.

The two buildings are fully air-conditioned and are connected by a bridge so you really don't have to get out when you want to go to the other side for more shopping.

Those rides you see in the photo above are from Al Jazeera Park now known as Al Montazah which was recently renovated and was transformed into a theme park. Entry is AED 10 for the park and AED 120/80 in the water park.

Down below is the green area I was talking about but barbecuing is not allowed.

This is the AlKhalidiya bridge, when you are on the bridge, you can have a good aerial view of the Al Souk, I would have done it but it was out of the way to my house from the fish market.

The whole of Buheira corniche is slowly being transformed into a beautiful destination and all thanks to the initiative of the Sharjah Government in the directives of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah working hand-in-hand with Al Shurooq Development, we now have cool places to visit without leaving Sharjah and yes they are walking distance to my place. 

In case you live somewhere else and you would like to visit these places, it is really ideal because it is around Buheirah corniche and there is a lot of fun things you can do in one place. There are hotels and resorts nearby as well.

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