Iftar at Kenza Restaurant-Ramada Downtown Dubai

The Iftar dinner hosted for the media that we have attended at Kenza - Ramada Downtown Dubai however minimalist never fall short on taste and presentation. Everything was delicious and delightfully filling.

We arrived past the exact time to break the fast and the restaurant was already busy with media professionals already having their dinner. After a little introduction with the hotels marketing team, we were ushered to our table. 

Kenza meaning "treasure" serves Modern Middle Eastern and International cuisines.

Iftar will never be complete without an array of cold mezze such as tabouleh, olives, sarma (stuffed vine leaves), mutabbal, cacik, and fatoush. 

I filled my plate with some cold mezze to start with, a few appetizers, some grilled fish and meat and of course lamb ouzi (always the star)

The dessert table was set in the middle of the buffet which makes it really tempting to skip the main dishes and head for the dessert but I hold on to my forks and keep it for later. This installation of lights on mason jars was quite unique and does brings the area so alive

These pretty jars contain juices infused with fresh pineapple, strawberry and oranges pieces.

Finally, we're ready for dessert.

Thank you Kenza and thank you to my friend Ms. Noor Abbas of Al Sadaa Magazine for a wonderful evening.

Kenza Restaurant is at the 2nd floor of Ramada Downtown Dubai at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard opens 7 am to 12 midnight.

Photos of lamb ouzi and cold mezze are from Ramada Downtown Dubai facebook page.

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