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In Dubai even the tunnels are pretty too!

One more week of fasting and Ramadan will be over and you must be planning for your Eid holidays by now. It is also one week left before everything gets back to normal and when I say normal it includes working hours and the dreadful traffic we battle everyday to and from our workplaces in Dubai.

One day of getting stuck and board in traffic for two hours, maybe almost 30 minutes only at the Dubai Airport Tunnel helps me find something to while a way the time.

Dubai has this idea of perfection when it come to urban planning and even those almost unnoticed spaces are given life and shouts about the culture, history and Dubai itself. Whether you notice it or not, tunnels in Dubai are all well lit and are all decorated with colorful mosaic tiles. If you are wondering what there is in the Dubai Airport Tunnel walls, let me show you.

Do you see something familiar?