Amazing Taste of Thailand: Pre-Launch Dinner Party

A trip to Thailand is still on my bucket list waiting to be strike off and while I await to experience it firsthand, I had the privilege to taste a slice of Thailand and feel the genuine and warm hospitality of its people in Dubai. If you are a fan of Thai food and Thai fruits and other products and services hailed from Thailand, please read on, I have some exciting news for you.

The Amazing Taste of Thailand began last September 18 and will run until 27th September to showcase Thailand through the country's exotic taste that is defined not only through the culinary taste, but also through decorative items, wellness and services.


The Royal Thai Consulate-eneral of Dubai in partnership with Nosh Restaurant Movenpick JLT hosted the Amazing Taste of Thailand Pre-Launch Reception and Press Conference serving only the tastiest food with the freshest ingredients. It was a relax and perfect venue for an informal briefing about the 10 day-event and networking session for the Team Thailand, Diplomatic Corps, Exhibitors, Friends of Thailand and Members of the Press.

Arriving at the venue, we were greeted by the wafting aroma of Thai spices that fills the air thus immediately stimulating the senses, our palates suddenly crave to get down to business but we cannot pass the opportunity to take a quick snap, this yellow umbrella and orchid garland decor are engrossing.

and it is displayed here by the live cooking and grilling station were all the fresh aroma of grilled satay chicken and beef are coming from.

green papaya salads with ripe papaya cup garnishing

pomelo and prawn salad with pineapple flower garnishing

I grew up seeing lovely carved food garnishes from my dads dishes and these ones certainly brings back good memories. It is one distinct, unique character of Thai food prep and presentation.

Ferald and I are both fan of Thai fruits so imagine us walking past rambutan, longan, mangosteen, ripe mangos, and lanzones (langsart) fruit baskets. Our smiles are from ear to ear.

Part of the 10-day event is the Thai Fruits and Delicacy Weekend which will run between 25-27 September. Participating restaurants will serve complimentary Thai fruit platter with every dine in customers. These restaurants are Benjarong, Blue Elephant, Chimes, Royal Orchid, Shang Thai, Thai Chi, and the Royal Buddha thus also serving your favorite Thai dishes.

The dessert station is filled with the famous mango sticky rice, coconut jasmine pudding with mango, and the one I instantly fell in love with - tab tim grob also known as the crispy ruby or water chestnut in coconut milk.

At the far end corner of the buffet spread showcase some Thai products that are available in leading supermarkets in the UAE.

It was a great night spent with friends over good food.

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