Riding in Style For A Day

Dubai road is crowded with luxurious cars, name it and they have it. It has become the norm to see a Ferrari or a Lamborghini sports car side by side on our daily commute. Limousine is not limited to a black Lincoln either, there are exotic limos like the Hammer and this...

a green Challenger limousine. 

I have never imagined myself riding in super expensive cars like this or even to rent one for a day, it's just not practical except of course if it's on my wedding day (maybe). It's surreal to see it down our building waiting for us.

The kids were super excited

Courtesy of Ahlan and Modhesh World, this green challenger limousine took us on a round trip from our residence in Sharjah to Modhesh World in Dubai and back. It was our first time to ride in a limo like this one (yet another first).

  My handsome nephew also enjoyed the ride with us. 

It's complete with refreshments, sound system and disco lights inside, the black leather seats are very comfortable you feel like you can sit there all day long. Our driver was very professional, very courteous and drive safely too.

I secretly wished that we are on for a long road trip with this limousine, I just can't get enough of it. 

Out of excitement I missed to ask the name of the Limousine company.


  1. Nice! So that's how a stretch limousine in Dubai looks like. Pretty cool!

  2. looks like you all had a grand time! never rode on a limo myself either.

    My husband used to joke when i first arrived in Dubai 2006 he wanted to fetch me at the airport in Limo. but that would be so unbecoming since we will be going home to stay in partition apartment at Hor Al Ranz Deira hahahhaa


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